Welcome to Carson Street School

Carson Street is an extraordinary school community that is committed to values that support professional excellence, co-operation and respect. We have a proud tradition of innovation and excellence, providing quality educational programs for children with disabilities aged 0 to 11 years old.

Our purpose is to empower students for life;

our mission is to help every child shine;

and our vision is to be recognized as a school for excellence.

To achieve these objectives, we have created a safe, supportive and inclusive school culture that is inviting, engaging and inspiring. 

The school has developed exemplary processes and practices to ensure every child has a positive, happy and rewarding school experience.

Our school believes that every child can learn and we place a high priority on ensuring that, in their day-to-day teaching, classroom teachers identify and address learning needs of individual students. Teachers are encouraged to closely monitor the progress of individuals and tailor classroom activities to levels of readiness and need.

Carson Street recognises that highly effective teaching is the key to improving student learning. We use contemporary, research based teaching practices to ensure every child is engaged, challenged and learning successfully.

Our focus is upon each child’s ability and their potential, reinforcing our mission of helping every child shine. 

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