Family Support WA

… a not for profit organisation providing services and support to people with disabilities.

My name is Emily Croy and I am from Family Support WA a not for profit organisation providing services and supports to people with disabilities. Family Support WA have been operating north of the river for some time but we are now focusing on south of the river as well. Here is some information regarding the services that we provide to people with disabilities. The funding streams that we can manage are:

  • Alternatives to Employment (ATE/PSO)
  • Intensive Family Support (IFS)
  • Family Living Initiative (FLI)
  • Accommodation Funding

The supports that we offer are:

Future Planning:  We use templates to help you think about the possiblities that the future holds and help explore your goals and aspirations. Then we work together to put a plan in place to help support you achieve these goals and aspirations.

Fun with Friends:  Explore existing and potential relationships, having fun and making meaningful connections.

Neighbourhood Networks:  Connect with people in your local community. Accessing your local resources to enhance your networks.

Work Alternatives:   CONNECT provides inclusive recreation and life skills activities for people with a disability who have left school but are unable to work. Eligible people receive 5 to 25 hours of service each week and are supported to engage in a wide range of activities according to their own preferences and abilities.

Family Welbeing:  Our respite services are flexible in nature and tailored to the individual and their family’s respite needs. Services can be provided in or out of home and include overnight stays, community access, personal care, independent living skills and recreation. These services are designed using a person-centered approach. Services can also be provided within a Host Family. A Host Family provides a safe home environment, supervision, role modeling and a family structure for children and young adults with a disability who are accepted as part of the existing family.

The Hub:   The Hub is a place that you can use at anytime, as apart of any program or activity. It is run and owned by Family Support WA Inc. and it is located in Darch next to the Landsdale Farm School. The Hub is a great place to improve and learn new skills, to use as a base and to just catch up with friends and people you know or to just relax.

We also offer a brokerage service and shared management.
If you have any questions about the information below please do not hesitate to contact me.
Emily Croy,
Manager Individual and Family Support (SOUTH) .
Phone: 9405 1885- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

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