School Development

School Development

Excellence and Equity, the Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2012-2015 has a commitment ‘for every child to be provided with a high quality school education – whatever their ability, wherever they live, whatever their background and to lift the levels of achievement of students with disability….’

School Development for 2012 and beyond will be based on the shared beliefs about teaching and the learning environment the school should provide, and how learning for all students can be supported and developed at Carson Street School.

The plan is based on the following framework taken from Excellence and Equity the Strategic Plan for WA Public Schools 2012-2015.

Priority 1: Success for all students
All students can achieve success: our job is to ensure every student has the opportunity to do so.

Priority 2: Distinctive Schools
Schools meeting the needs and aspirations of their students help to build strong communities inWestern Australia.

Priority 3: High quality teaching and leadership
The basis for improving student learning outcomes is high quality teaching and leadership.

Priority 4: A capable and responsive organisation
Using resources wisely and making open and transparent decisions build community confidence in public education

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