Teacher:  Deanna Jones

Education Assistants: Marie, Jake, Dot, Ali & Dennika

Welcome to Banksia Class 2018.

This year we have an all-boy class – 7 in total and they are in Years 4 – 6. Their names are Alex, Arshia, Blake, Deklan, Hayden, Matthew and Ryan. It is our goal to provide our students with a challenging, yet fun, experience and the Banksia staff are looking forward to an exciting year with them. We hope to continue to cultivate a healthy school environment in which the children can learn, grow, thrive and be happy.

In Banksia we focus on fostering independence, developing communication skills, improving life skills and equipping students with the necessary social skills to better prepare them for the future. We believe that students benefit more when parents and staff work together so we value parent’s opinions and knowledge about their children and encourage them to keep the lines of communication open between school and home.

We look forward to a positive 2018 with the boys.


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