REACH Program

REACH Program

TEACHER: Mrs Anna Ward

EDUCATION ASSISTANTS:  Sandy,  Lee (Mr C) & Jenny.

This year the REACH Program has welcomed 2 new students from Banksia and Green Gum.  During Term 1 another student from Banksia will be transitioned in order to attend REACH class full time.  We will have 7 students in total—6 boys and 1 girl ranging from Year 1 to Year 6.   We will be at Belmay Primary School on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and on Wednesdays we will be based at Carson Street School, where we will access a Community Program with Waminda Aged Care facility, Swimming and Technology.  We also have 5 students who are participating in ‘Music Rocks‘ on Wednesday mornings.

During our time at Belmay Primary School, our students will integrate in Phys. Ed with a mainstream class once a week.  All students will get the opportunity to join the mainstream students during recess times, where they are being taught protective behaviours and social skills in order to play successfully with the other students.  We also join the mainstream school and Carson Street School for any incursions which might occur during the terms.

Our class programs consist of TEACCH and Direct Instruction sessions, plus individual, small and whole group teaching.  The use of technology is included in different learning areas.  Behaviour management will be a priority  as the students learn appropriate behaviours to display when in the classroom, playground and in the  community, which will be endorsed through our 6 Best values program.   The students also have Carson Street School’s  Phys. Ed Teacher Mr Pestell  and our Music Teacher Mr Schoenmakers visit our class once a week at Belmay.  We will also be using the school bus to attend some planned excursions each term.






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