REACH Program

REACH Program

TEACHER:  Tiffany Langoulant (Mon – Wed) & Mrs Anna Ward (Th & Fri)

EDUCATION ASSISTANTS:  Sandy,  Lee (Mr C) & Jenny.

The REACH class consists of 2 teachers: Anna Ward and Tiffany Langoulant and 2 wonderful Education Assistants: Sandy and Lee.

We support and guide 5 fabulous students in our satellite class where we focus on belonging, being and becoming.

We access Belmay P.S to integrate with mainstream students through phys-ed and play times and at Carson St P.S where we access specialist programs like swimming and music.

We learn through hands on experiences using the Early Years Learning framework as a guide . We also follow the 6 kinds of best values.

Our goal is to promote independence and effective communication in children to be confident learners in the community.

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