Bottlebrush Kindy

Class Teacher: Caitlin Beeson

Education Assistants: Mariko, Anic & Olivia

Students: Henry, Winston, Ojus, Chloe & Ashvik

Welcome to Bottlebrush Kindy in 2023!

Bottlebrush 2023 is a fun, lively, talkative and Super Star Kindy class. We have students who love to explore and learn new things, and who are enjoying exploring the school and making new friends. Each day, students are challenged to develop their communication skills, and access the curriculum through play based learning. 

This year, the class is a mixture of students who will eventually move into either the Conductive Education (CE) or Thrive programs, so they access the CE task series or Perceptual Motor program twice a week, depending on their needs. 

Students come to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday odd weeks, and then Monday and Tuesday on the even weeks of term. 

We are very fortunate to have such a fun and dynamic group of students, with a supportive and caring team, and are looking forward to seeing the amazing things they will achieve this year. 

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