Teacher: Tiffany Langoulant & Andrea Rees

Education Assistants: Daniel, Yulia, Gill & Georgia.

The Wattle class consists of 2 teachers: Andrea Rees and Tiffany Langoulant and 4 wonderful Education Assistants: Gill, Yulia, Daniel and Georgia.

We support and guide 8 clever children in our early childhood setting where we focus on belonging, being and becoming.

We learn through hands on play experiences using  the Early Years Learning framework as a guide. The 5 outcomes include:

•   Children have a strong sense of identity

•   Children are connected with and contribute to their world

•  Children have a strong sense of well-being

•   Children are confident and involved learners

•   Children are effective communicators

Our goal is to promote independence and effective communication in children using visuals, gestures, voice output devices and our voice.

The Wattle team, with the support of parents and therapists, looks forward to implement a holistic learning program in a safe and positive classroom.



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