Bottlebrush Early Intervention

Conductor: Mariko Fischer

At Carson Street School we have three Early Intervention Parent & Child 0-4 programs; First Steps, Stepping Stones and Milestones.

All groups focus on Early Intervention and promote and develop social and emotional well-being, communication, cognitive,  physical, self-help and play skills all in a fun, play-based learning  environment.

All groups use Conductive Education (CE) and the principles of CE to guide the active learning of the children.

First Steps: 

This 0-4 Parent & Child Program is specifically for those children for whom learning foundation physical skills is their main priority/focus area e.g. head control, grasp/release, rolling, sitting up.

Stepping Stones: 

This group addresses the needs of children who are living with a physical  disability but have already gained the foundation skills. We provide a safe and secure group learning  environment where parents/carers can interact, play and grow with their child. Conductive Education (CE) is an integrated pedagogical/educational system, which  teaches children how to overcome the challenges they face in an holistic way.


This 0-4 Parent & Child program focuses on addressing the needs of those children who are not meeting developmental milestones.  Children with a diagnosis of Global Development Delay (GDD), Mild Motor Disorder, Down Syndrome,  Intellectual Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or those with no formal diagnosis will benefit from this program.  Those who have made progress in the Stepping Stones group may also move into the Milestones group. 

In all groups early years experts support parents in learning how to assist their child in everyday activities. They can also provide information about  Disability Services Commission (DSC), NDIS, Local Co-ordinators, funding sources e.g. ILC, therapy providers, respite providers and other organisations and companies which help families.

The friendly group environment provides parents/carers with opportunities to mix with others who are experiencing similar issues to themselves. We teach the children the skills they require for communicating, self-help, learning and being physically active as well as advising parents/carers on how to carry these over  into the home environment.

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