Wattle – CE Parent & Child Groups

Teacher: Laurie Rushton Dyble

Education Assistant: Ros C

The Conductive Education Parent & Child program is funded through the Department of Education for 0-4 year old children with motor disabilities.

The Parent and Child groups currently run on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Each session is 2 hrs long.

Each group follows a unique routine of activities to suit the learning needs of the children. The children take part in a fun series of physical tasks (Task Series) in lying, sitting and standing positions including walking. Meal/snack times, self-care and fine motor activities are also incorporated. All aspects of the routine are directly linked to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework.

The children’s communication skills are developed throughout the program, using various forms of Alternative and Augmentative Communication systems, as appropriate to their needs.

Parent learning workshops such as: ‘What is Conductive Education?’ and ‘The Importance of Communication’ are offered regularly to provide additional support and guidance to families.

Should you require more information, like to visit or to arrange an assessment for your child, please contact Carson Street School on (08) 9361 7500.


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