Stepping Stones Early Intervention Parent & Child Program

Teacher: Laurie Rushton Dyble

Education Assistant: Lisa S

At Carson Street School we have two Early Intervention Parent & Child 0-4 programs; Stepping Stones and Milestones.

Both groups focus on Early Intervention and promote and develop     social and emotional well-being, communication, cognitive,  physical, self-help and play skills all in a fun, play-based learning  environment.

Both groups use Conductive Education (CE) and the principles of CE to guide the active learning of the children.

Stepping Stones: Tuesday 9.30am to 11.30am & Thursday 9.30am to 11.30pm

This 0-4 Parent & Child Program is specifically for those children for whom  learning physical skills is their main priority/focus area.  We provide a safe and secure group learning  environment where parents/carers can interact, play and grow with their child. Conductive Education (CE) is an integrated pedagogical/educational system, which  teaches children how to overcome the challenges they face in an holistic way.

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