Orange Gum

Teacher: Brandy-Lee Potger

Education Assistants:  Victoria, Shelby, Cody & Deb

Students: Azzrah, Lukie, Siham, Cooper, Hussain (Hur), Lily, Massimo & Khalil

Welcome to Orange Gum in 2022.

Orange Gum is a THRIVE class and we are thriving this year. We have eight students ranging from year three to year six. With five of our students set to graduate this year, they are: Siham, Hussain, Cooper, Lily and Lukie. Our fantastic and talented Education Assistants are Victoria, Shelby, Cody and Deb, their varied expertise in different areas complement each other to make this a strong, experienced and flexible team.

Our focus in Orange Gum is to prepare our students to be active participants in the community for life beyond school. This includes developing their communication and literacy skills so they can have a voice. We also have a strong focus on life skills including personal health and hygiene, recreational activities, domestic and work skills so they can thrive in all areas of the community.

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