Orange Gum

Teacher: Rose Linton

Education Assistants:  Lisa, Taylor, Anic, Sara & Deb

Welcome to Orange Gum in 2020.

Here you will find Tyler, Ridhan, Faris, Lucas, Zack, Lily and Mahoor.

Accompanying them on their journey are Lisa, Taylor, Anic, Sara, Deb and me, Rose.

We’re a pretty relaxed group who work hard to help the kids achieve their targets while still having fun. 

As a Conductive Education (CE) class, we will have the support of two conductors—Tyran and Shona. We also have Sara doing her training as a Multi Disciplinary Conductor. We’ve got the motor skills covered!

In following the Rainbow Way, our values program, we hope to make every child shine in 2020. Sunglasses on, everyone.




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