Orange Gum

Teacher: Deanne Jones

Education Assistants:  Sam, Leonie & Cody.

Students: Azzrah, Massimo, Amna, Holly, Lily, Sophia and Zhiqing

Welcome to Orange Gum in 2023.

Hello and welcome to the new school year! I am Mrs Deanne Jones and I am the teacher in Orange Gum for 2023. I qualified as a teacher 36 years ago and this is my 25th year living and working in Australia. I will be working and learning alongside your children this year together with my trusted Education Assistants, Sam, Leonie and Cody.

This year the males in Orange Gum are outnumbered by the females. Our boys are Azzrah and Massimo and our girls are Amna, Holly, Lily, Sophia and Zhiqing. We are hopeful that this imbalance will bring a peace and calm that’s usually associated with girls…….okay, I may be a bit biased. ?

Our learning programs accommodate individual needs and learning styles across the curriculum areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Swimming, Art, STEM, Music and P.E. with a focus on Communication, Social skills, Play skills and Sensory-based learning.

We also have a strong focus on Life skills including personal health and hygiene and encouraging Independence so that they can be active participants in the community for life beyond school.

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