Room 8

Teacher: Vera Ioannidi

Education Assistants: Wiwi, Kat, Anic & Teri

Students: Ayub, Russell, Tyler, Damien, Gabriella, Mia & Kaidence

Welcome to Room 8 2022!

Room 8 is an Aspects of Conductive Education class with seven students from Kindy to Year Four.  Room 8 has the support of Teacher Conductor, Shona Ballantyne and Conductor Tyran Van Biljon.

Students learn to move their bodies in lying or sitting task series twice a week, practice fine motor skills with hand task series and other activities, as well as active transfers to move from one place to another and promote independence and daily changes of position to access materials in the world around them and support posture.

All Room 8 students participate in specialist programs weekly including Swimming, Sensory, Music and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Communication is a big focus which underpins everything that students are taught. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) in various forms including PODD books, eye gaze devices, other communication devices and switches will be modelled by staff and available for students to use at all times during the school day. You can read the school newsletter or the Rainbow Reporter (student newsletter) to see more of what we do in class!

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