Room 9

Teacher: Connie Jakopo

Education Assistants: Kathy, Gabi, Sara, Lisa & Gwen

Students: Musa, Wayne, Riley, Adrien, Talia, Imogen & Amalie

Welcome to Room 9 2022!

Room 9 is a Conductive Education class and students learn the skills to be more independent in all aspects of their lives. With daily task series led by a conductor or one of our conductor trainees, the students work on important physical targets in lying, sitting and standing. 

A key focus is put on communication and literacy and each child’s individual voice is valued and listened to. We use a wide range of AAC in the classroom and support all students to be heard.

With a range of other subjects including STEM, sensory, art, music and swimming, the students have fun exploring the curriculum in a hands on way.

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