Room 9

Teacher: Connie Jakopo

Education Assistants: Kathy, Gabi, Sara O, Sarah F, Brooke & Gwen

Students: Musa, Wayne, Riley, Adrien, Talia, Imogen & Amalie

Welcome to Room 9 2022!

We are a multi-age THRIVE (Teaching How To Reach Independence Via Education) classroom with seven students and five staff each day.

Our aim?

-To give the students an environment where they feel safe.

-To provide them with structure and routine that is predictable.

-To have a voice.

-To acknowledge and accommodate their sensory needs.

-To develop skills of self-management that allow them to participate in the class and community.

-To foster their creativity through STEM and the Arts (creative art and music)

-To develop motor skills through Swimming and a Perceptual Motor Program

-To support therapy programs where possible.

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