Room 9

Teacher: Talicia Dodd

Education Assistants: Gill, Deb C, Sam & Jake

This year Room 9 consists of seven students ranging from Year One  to Three. Room 9 is an Aspects of Conductive Education (ACE) class. This means we are lucky enough to have experienced Teacher Conductor, Shona Ballantyne, supporting us so that our students can access Conductive Education. Students will participate in a lying task series weekly as well as hand task series’ to teach motor skills that can be generalised and used throughout the week.

Priorities for Room 9 students include communication, balanced literacy, STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths), changes of position and learning through play! Assistive technology (such as switches), board games and art activities will help facilitate the learning of these skills. We will be engaging in the ‘Rainbow Way’ by attending assemblies, Rainbow Rallies and exploring the ‘Six Kinds of Best’ values in class. Students attend specialist classes once a week – Swimming and Music.

We are excited for a fun-filled year of learning in Room 9!

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