Yellow Gum


Welcome to Yellow Gum – an Aspects of CE Class!

Class Teacher: Rose Linton

Education Assistants: Bernie, Brooke, Liliya, Leeanne, Lucya & Taylor.

This year we have a mix of seven students in year 2 to Year 5.

We are supported by Conductor Shona Ballantyne who uses her many years of experience to train and continue the physical development of all the students.

Each week the students will participate in in-class task series designed to integrate with their curricula access. Literacy & numeracy, STEM and fine motor activities in art and switching foster the children’s communication skills. Music, Phys Ed and swimming will integrate seamlessly so that we are consistently addressing the students’ individual targets in an environment attuned to their learning styles.

As always, the Rainbow Way of values education will be constantly reinforced to provide opportunities for everyone to shine.

Watch this space for the very talented Yellow Gum students and their amazing fun filled days.


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