Yellow Gum

Class Teacher: Connie Jakopo

Education Assistants: Mariko, Wiwi, Ros C, Ali & Leeanne.

Welcome to Yellow Gum in 2020.

Yellow gum 2020 is composed of seven students, five girls and two boys. Four of the students were in the previous Yellow gum class of 2019 and three other students have joined this group from Orange gum class. Four of the children in Yellow gum are in their final primary year and will be graduating at the end of this year. There is a total of six staff, Connie Jakopo, teacher, with five Education Assistants, four on each day. Mariko (Full time), Wiwi (full time), Ros (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), Ali (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Leeanne (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

Yellow gum is a Conductive Education class and we do task series on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We also incorporate a lot of Conductive practices throughout the day during lessons and at mealtimes. Our class programs include Literacy, STEM which stands for (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Art, Swimming and Sensory.  Communication remains an integral part of all the work we do. We use PODD communication for group instruction as well as for one to one communication with individual students. Children all have different communication systems recommended by their therapists as well as our communication leaders. All efforts are made to support students at the different levels they are at as well as allow for some initiation to come from the children themselves.

The Rainbow way is our school culture and its of paramount importance to all classes. We believe that all our children can achieve great work at school. The Rainbow Way encourages students to develop a ‘can do attitude’ in everything they do. This is embedded in all our teaching and encouraged with all students. Behaviour management plans are also adopted for those students who present with some behaviour challenges. During the year we will focus on a theme each term. This year Yellow gum will cover Dreamtime Stories in in term one, Textures in term two, Farm to Shop in term three and Dinosaurs in term four.

 If you need any clarifications about our programs this year or have any questions, feel free to call the school or send me an email. We look forward to a great year!

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