Yellow Gum

Class Teacher: Ainsley Poon

Education Assistants: Kaoru, Yulia, Leonie, Jake, Hailey, and Zane

Students: River, Bayan, Eliot, Arthur, Dillon, Declan, Zachary, Jaxon & Cyril

Welcome to Yellow Gum Kindy in 2023!

Yellow Gum in 2023 is an exciting and energetic Year 1 THRIVE class. We have 9 students who are developing new friendships and love to play and learn. We have a focus on independence and the students developing communication skills and access the curriculum in a variety of ways to suit their individual needs. The students also have access to swimming, STEM, the music room, and library, to compliment the important in-class and playground learning that happens.

We are fortunate to have a diverse and fun group of students this year and we are looking forward to the exciting year we have ahead of us.

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