Each week we will have a key word sign of the week and a parent tip which will both be on a handout for parents to take home at the end of the session.  Each week will follow a similar format with different activities, influenced by the week’s focus and the needs of the children.  The structure of the sessions will look like this:

  • Bookshare with parents and children while people arrive and settle in
  • Mat time with a hello song, introduction to the sign of the week and some songs, children making choices from a song choice board and signs to be demonstrated throughout
  • Stations around the room – generally there will be a language station, a fine motor station and a free play/social skills station.  Activities will differ week to week with a mix of craft, games, sensory play, pretend play, construction etc.
  • Snack time
  • Gross motor activity
  • Relaxation – this may include some kids yoga and demonstration of some sensory regulation strategies
  • Goodbye song and home time.
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