How to Enrol

Carson Street School is now accepting enrolments for the 2024 school year. We can also help with enrolment enquiries throughout the year.

In order to enrol at an education support public school, students must first meet an eligibility criteria.  It is imperative that the school receives all necessary information about potential students to determine whether or not the school can cater to their needs.

Prior to enrolment, prospective families must book a tour of the school with the Enrolment Officer. This will allow you the opportunity to see what our school can offer and enables us to observe your child in order to ensure we have appropriate information on how best to support your child. If placement is deemed suitable by all parties, the enrolment process can begin immediately.

To book a tour, please contact our Enrolment Officer, Dallas Bird on (08) 6216 4950 or email:

To make the enrolment process quicker for you, the following documents must be provided at enrolment:

  • Proof of student’s residential address (e.g. council rates notice, residential lease, electricity account, statutory declaration etc.)
  • Birth Certificate, Passport/Visa or identity documents
  • Immunisation History statement (AIR)
  • Copies of any family law or other relevant court orders (if applicable)
  • Any medical reports, ambulatory documents, Paediatrician/Therapist reports
  • Letter of Diagnosis (Within 12 months prior to enrolment)
  • Griffiths or Bayleys Score (Completed and scored by a paediatrician, within 12 months prior to enrolment)
  • Letter of registration with a Disability Organisation (e.g. Disability Services Commission)
  • Medicare Card

To complete the Disability Resourcing process, schools must gather information from a variety of sources including reports on your child’s diagnosis, medical and therapy reports and reports from Disability Services Commission or other agencies.  It is essential that the school has recent, relevant reports for the review process (within 12 months prior to enrolment). 

Once you have completed the forms required for enrolment and resourcing, please return them to Carson Street School along with the documents listed above. Forms may be completed during your enrolment tour.

A photocopy of the document(s) will be added to your child’s school file and the originals returned to you.

When you have completed all of the requested forms and have returned them to the Enrolment Officer, we will send confirmation of the enrolment and information in regards to your child’s school requirements.

The Department of Education and Training respects the right to privacy. All information collected during the Disability Resourcing process is confidential, in accordance with the Information Privacy and Security Policy (2001).

If you need assistance or more information, please contact Dallas on (08) 6216 4950 or via email

Click below for appropriate forms:

Checklist of Paperwork required

Enrolment Form

Health Care Form

Therapist Specialist Contact Details

Media Consent Form

School Entry Health Consultation Form

Department of Health Consent for Release of Information

Bus Information

School Bus Boundary Map

CSS Parent Authority to Release Information Form

Letter for Parents

Immunisation Fact Sheet

Medical Forms

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