Summer Holiday Program

During the summer School holidays we run the Summer Holiday Program at Carson Street School.

The program allows us to enhance the educational opportunities and participation for our students during the long summer break. It promotes the:

•             Practice and reinforcement of skills learnt during the school year

•             Functional and cognitive development of the students through the provision of stimulating and enjoyable activities

•             Interactive learning opportunities for children with severe and multiple disabilities

•             Development of early language skills and encourage vocalisation

•             The opportunity to practice and develop basic social skills required for successful integration.

Goals will be achieved through a combination of various activities such as, science and technology sessions, swimming, outdoor sports, craft, cooking and sensory activities.

Care and activity plans are developed in collaboration with the families which incorporate planned educational outcomes and include recommendations of suitable activities and recreational options for each child. Each child’s progress and development is monitored by the staff, including levels of participation and satisfaction. Interviews will be conducted with teaching staff with regard to improving future programs and a report will be sent to the School Board on program outcomes.

Each year we seek other charity minded organisations to help with the organisational costs.  This year we were grateful for the support from:

Debra Blaskett

Anna Dickie

Lisa Cornelius

Kaitlyn Griggs

Sue Doherty

Tom Carlin

Shane Jez

Diana Guttridge

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