Our Culture

The Rainbow Way – Promoting a Safe, Supportive and Inclusive School Culture.

Here at Carson Street, our purpose is to empower students for life; our mission is to help every child shine; and our vision is to be recognised as a school of excellence for empowering students with disabilities.

We recognise that to help achieve these three objectives we need to create a Safe, Supportive and Inclusive School Culture that is inviting, engaging and inspiring for all members of our school community.

This is why we created The Rainbow Way.

A culture can be simply defined as ‘the way we do things around here’. The Rainbow Way infographic provides a graphic representation of the ‘the way we do things’ here at Carson Street School. It has been designed to be inviting, engaging and inspiring for staff, students, parents and the community – and to be clear and simple so that everybody knows and understands it.

We strongly encourage parents to learn the key messages of The Rainbow Way and to role model and reinforce them at home.

For more information on the key components, click on the images below:

The Smiling Sun


Youcan Toucan


Six Kinds of Best


Golden Habits




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