Classroom Teacher:  Brandy-Lee Potger

Education Assistants: Deb, Shelby, Ellie & Nathan

Students: Avani, Eliana, Christopher, Tykeem, Carlos, Jamie & Fletcher

Welcome to Wattle in 2023!

Wattle is a THRIVE class and we are thriving this year. We have seven students ranging from Pre-primary to year four.

Our skilled team of Education Assistants are Deb, Shelby, Ellie and Nathan. Their willingness to learn and adapt to different situations and their varied expertise across different areas complement each other to make this a strong, experienced and flexible team.

Our focus in Wattle is to prepare our students to be active participants in the community for life beyond school. We have a strong focus on communication, self-regulation, literacy and numeracy which will assist them to access the world around them and engage with it in a meaningful way. Another component of our learning is a focus on learning skills for life, these include personal health, hygiene, recreational activities, domestic and work skills and so they can thrive across all areas of life and be actively engaged in their communities.

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