Green Gum

Teacher: Bianca Bridge

Education Assistants: Kaoru, Sam, Leeanne & Jake

Students: River, Bayan, Tykeem, Dillon, Mark, Declan, Jaxon & Christopher

Welcome to Green Gum in 2022.

We are so fortunate to be working with 8 wonderful Pre-Primary and Year 0ne students who are keen and ready to learn.

In Green Gum, we strive for independence, ignite the imagination, and foster a love for learning. The students are assisted to achieve their goals by four amazing and knowledgeable Education Assistants, Kaoru, Sam, Leeanne and Jake.

Our learning programs are adjusted to accommodate individual needs and learning styles across the curriculum areas of numeracy, literacy, swimming, art, STEM, music, PMP, and Flexability. With a focus on communication, social skills, play skills, and sensory-based learning.

2022 is shaping up to be a fabulous year with lots of fun and laughter!


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