Green Gum

Teacher: Laura Farkas

Teacher Conductor: Shona Ballantyne 

Education Assistants: Suzanne, Bernie, Kat, Nikki & Jake

Welcome to Green Gum in 2020.

Greengum is a Pre-primary to Year 5 Conductive Education (CE) classroom. We have 8 wonderful students; Imogen, Evie, Damien, Tyrese, Lincoln, Minnie, Nate and Ameliah this year.

In Semester 1, our curriculum topics are The Rainforest and Exploring textures. In Semester 2, we learn about People who help us and Music, Celebration and Festivals.

In our classroom we focus on developing physical skills such as fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills including sitting, standing and walking to increase independency. We will also be working on self-care skills such as self-feeding and toileting using CE methods.

One of our priority’s is Communication. Our main goal is to find the best solution for our students so they can all have a “voice” through Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

We are looking forward to have a very exciting year ahead with lots of fun and many learning opportunities.


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