Green Gum

Teacher: Deanne Jones

Education Assistants: Kaoru, Jake, Cinnamon & Cristina

Students: Bradley, Bayan, Jayden, Tykeem, Dillon, Mark, Khalil, Christopher & River

Welcome to Green Gum in 2021.

My staff and I are so fortunate to be working with nine awesomely, wonderful students. Each student has brought so much life and learning to Green Gum with their charm, caring natures, and individual identities. In Green Gum we strive for INDEPENDENCE, aim to IGNITE imagination and INSTILL a love of learning in our students. We value and recognise each student’s uniqueness and we help them to develop their strengths through a Play-based learning program.

We also focus largely on COMMUNICATION and SOCIAL SKILLS along with other subjects like STEM, ART, MUSIC, SENSORY as well as a FLEX ABILITY and COMMUNITY ACCESS program.

2021 in GREEN GUM has been exploratory, fun-filled, playful and educational and we are enjoying it to the max!


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