Blue Gum


Teacher: Josie Vanweerden 

Education Assistants: Dot, Lachy, Maria and Taylor

Students: Ian, Asra, Aaron, Oussama, Christopher, Nikolai and Jouri

Welcome to Blue Gum in 2023.

Blue Gum has seven students this year ranging from year 3-6. Their names are Ian, Asra, Aaron, Oussama, Christopher, Nikolai and Jouri. We also have four very passionate and experienced Education Assistants; Dot (full-time), Lachy (full-time), Maria (M-W) and Taylor (Th-F).

Our focus in Blue Gum is to develop life skills and independence and we teach this through our daily routines and activities including, but not limited to, mealtimes, toileting and transitions, art, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and cooking. Students also participate in other specialist programs including Swimming, Music and Move and Groove room sessions. Communication is a key focus in the student’s daily program. Staff use visuals, i.e., PODD, Aided Language Displays and other communication tools/devices to communicate with the students.


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