Blue Gum


Teacher: Caitlin Beeson

Education Assistants: Leonie, Dot, Bernie, Nikki & Nathan

Students: Ian, Joshua, Isabella, Emilie, Asra and Jouri

Welcome to Blue Gum in 2022.

Hi I’m Caitlin Beeson, the teacher of our dynamic class. Blue Gum has 6 students this year ranging from year 2-5. Their names are Ian, Joshua, Asra, Isabella, Emilie and Jouri. We also have an amazing team of Education Assistants Leonie, Dot, Bernie, Nikki & Nathan, who have a large variety of skills and knowledge regarding Special Education.

Our focus in Blue Gum is to develop our strengths in communication, independence and life skills so that we can be the best version of ourselves. Other programs such as numeracy, literacy, art and science are run in an explorative play based setting that encourages a love of lifelong learning. 

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